Well, it is needless to say that 2020 has been a crazy year. As we keep our hopes high for a positive change, we understand this has been a particularly difficult year for most people around the world. Nobody could have predicted this nor could have prepared themselves enough.

The CrayonPanda digital marketing business also got affected when the pandemic hit. While most companies resorted to extreme measures to conserve cash flow, we decided to either maintain salaries or in some cases even increase them a little. We felt that now more than ever, our teammates needed to know that we are not just another business – we are family!

CrayonPanda is a young digital marketing agency that’s been around for a little over 18 months. We pride ourselves in being focused on metrics and therefore are one of the few performance based digital marketing agencies in India.

As we go through these tough times, our new identity and logo is a testament to what we represent as a team – strength, stability and action.

crayonpanda logo

Often a less common feature in logos, triangles represent stability, ingenuity, as well as mysticism – all traits that we embody as a team and as a company.

As we inch towards our 100th invoice (a small feat no doubt), we are starting a new journey of growth with stability. We’ve been growing profitably, albeit a little slow. This is a chance for us to pause for a little and thank every single one of our customers who trusted us and have continued to grow with us. We also want to thank our business advisors and mentors for always being around to support us.

As we continue on the path of sustainable growth, we are also looking to add more heads and hearts to our family (know a metrics-driven empathetic digital marketer?).

All in all, it’s a difficult year. Our only message is to be kind to everyone. It’s been an exceptionally difficult year for all. Just hang in there and trust everything will be great again 🙂

On behalf of team CrayonPanda
Pragya and Hardeep