Video marketing was never taken seriously by brands in the past. It was more of a luxury thing to afford rather than a necessity for the brands. 

However, as time is moving, the brands are realising the importance of video marketing. And videos are a thing now.

With an average of 1 billion hours watched each day, it’s not surprising that video marketing is the top priority for many digital marketers. Videos have dominated the digital marketing space for a while and are forecasted to continue growing.

In recent research conducted by Hubspot, it was found that the businesses that have adopted video marketing were able to increase their conversion rates by 70% compared to the past records.

Earlier the social platforms were made for sharing pictures of milestone in life and other social stuff. However, the trend has been shifting and people are consuming content more in the form of video rather than images.

Also, we could see how these platforms are adapting to the trend and releasing features like reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook short videos etc…

Marketing through videos should be part of your digital strategy if you want to reach your target audience. The article will provide you with details on why video marketing is going to be the next big thing.

What makes the videos unique?

  1. They are a great way to explain your offerings to the audience.

Traditionally the images used in social posts and advertising materials offered concise content.

Unlike images, videos let you explain more about the product or service you’re offering and ensures your message be delivered to the masses. As your audience is hooked to the videos, you get ample amount of time to communicate and persuade the audience and turn them into a customer.

  1. They help you to connect emotionally to your audience.

While people are online, they come across various other brands that are trying to sell their products as you do.

However, if you wish to create a difference, it becomes very much important that you connect to your audience emotionally. When people are connected to a brand emotionally, they tend to associate with the brand for a very long time act as a brand ambassador, further promoting your product. Align your values with the marketing strategy 

  1. Create a sense of trust in the audience about the brand/product you are talking about

When it comes to selling a product or service, trust is very much important to convert your audience/ leads to customers. This connection or trust is not built overnight. Brands need to put in hours of content to prove that people can trust them.

Videos help you gain the trust of your audience to a great extent. As they are glued to the screen, provide them with great content and relate your content to your products. Once it happens, the relationship works like a charm.

  1. High engagement and create social buzz

According to a survey, 98% of people admitted they had watched a video when trying to understand a product or service.

As the people are glued to your video, your watch time increases and % of video being watched is also considered in calculating the post’s engagement rate. Higher is your watch rate, the chances that it will be pushed more are higher.

It is also important to note that people are most likely to share the content in the format of video onto their social profiles, thus racking up more social shares. This helps in both branding and acquiring new leads for the business.

  1. Videos are great for SEO

As discussed earlier, videos keep your audience engaged for a longer duration, and when used in the websites, they help the businesses to increase the time spent by the visitor on the website and decrease the bounce rate. This, in turn, helps the website to rank better in the SERPs.

Also, referring to research conducted by Moovly, it is noted that your website is more likely to rank higher if you have embedded any video in your website.

  1. Videos boost your conversion and sales.

Consider a scenario wherein the above-discussed points hold true, and now you have-

  • An audience that has a fair idea of what your product is and how it would be helpful
  • The audience is emotionally attached to the brand, its values and its products.
  • Audience trusting your brand
  • A high engagement rate to keep the audience on their toes and the power of social media
  • The positive impact of SEO would drive traffic to your website.

Correlating all the above would lead a product with a set of audience who are aware, loyal and engaged customers. This combination easily leads to a sales activity exceeding expectations, thus increasing the conversion rate and growth of the business. 

In an impersonal digital world where everyone is craving attention, videos can be a powerful tool to send out your message loud and clear to the masses. Looking at the current trends it is very clear that the videos have grown to be the most popular form of content over the years and it is definitely here to stay forever longer.

If you own a brand or work on your personal branding, it is high time that you focus your content strategy towards video marketing and get the most out of it. Wondering how to go ahead with the video marketing for your business and need professional help, do reach out to us here at Contact CrayonPanda