The world of Digital Marketing!


Digital Marketing is ever-evolving and we need to keep up with the pace to play our game better. I have been juggling different aspects of digital media marketing as the Head of Operations at CrayonPanda for almost two years now. A lot of it seems new to me. The fast-changing space of digital marketing opens up new opportunities every day. New technology, modern tools, and many channels of communication have given way to the low cost of experimentations.

Therefore, the key is to keep updating one’s knowledge base and upskilling oneself to be prepared for the new developments. Several digital marketing programs help with imparting relevant knowledge. One such opportunity came knocking at my door! It was a 12-day digital marketing program offered by Kool Kanya, an online social networking platform for women.

Here, what seemed more exciting was a women-centric community that caters to helping each other grow in their careers. This was an excellent opportunity to be amidst a knowledgeable cohort of women. In addition, the program also aimed at creating a connection amongst different members of the community.

As a result, I jumped into the wagon instantly, without much ado.

Kool Kanya’s platform and career community was a wonderful way to interact with women from different areas of work. It was a means to learn more and progress together. In this blog, I will tell you how this course made things easier for me. And how it helped me optimize my efficiency.


This is how the 12-day digital marketing program began!


The course started with an amazing self-introspection, self-introduction. We had to answer questions like,

  1. Why do you want to be a digital marketer?

2. What learnings would you want from the program?

3. What are your goals for the next 3 months?

So, this is where my first learning took place. The designed task helped me revisit my purpose. This led to listing some key skill sets that are needed to be successful in my work and come up with possible ways to acquire them. 

Subsequently, the course gave an overview of marketing. An evolution that gave way to the digital era of marketing. A journey of consumer buying behavior. How the consumers’ buying pattern and the decision have changed. And how valuable it is for every marketer to be a part of digital media today. So, my second learning here was that it is of utmost importance to understand the customers. As a marketer, it is important to create the need to buy a product/service. In other words, this needs thorough knowledge about your consumer. So, the marketer has to showcase the benefits and the value of the product to drive the consumer’s journey towards conversion.


A well-structured digital marketing program!


This comprehensive curriculum‌ was stretched out over a tenure of 12 days. The program was led by industry experts and an amazing faculty who taught us the basic aspects of marketing. The broad field of digital marketing involves attracting an audience. And more through excellent content. It emphasizes more on content on different search engines, websites, social media, and more. Also, it tells us ways to check the quality and quantity of traffic that comes to the website through search engines.

Further, the course covered a detailed understanding of other concepts associated with SEO. Some of these include impressions, page rank, page title, brand, etc. We also got an overview of how Google’s algorithms affect SEO. As a result, I learned that SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. It is responsible for more visibility and aids in driving more traffic. It helps increase the rate of conversion and ultimately results in a higher return on investment. Thereby, achieving the sole purpose of any brand or business.

After that, we learned the importance of building a social media brand presence. We learned ways to do the same, content planning & management, how to use in-platform formats, analytics, and paid social media. We got insights into the best industry practices, and many examples of successful social media brands. 


Understanding the concept


Further, we got an insight into the digital ads and digital ad metrics. How factors like reach, impressions, clicks, conversions, and several related ratios help measure the ads. We saw how this whole process works. On seeing an ad, how customers move to the landing page and take action.

These concepts helped me understand the ad campaign objectives in a better way. Therefore, with an understanding of the process involved in marketing digitally, we know the way to reach our goal. The ultimate goal here is to track the ROI (return on investment) as we drive the marketing activities and grow the profitability of any business.

Marketing deals with 3 fundamentals questions:

1. Who is the target audience?

2. What are the product features and benefits?

3. What is a good time to talk to your audience?

These help in terms of campaigns or the way any business works.

Concerning strategy, a marketer should think about his or her target audience first. Talk to the customers and find the moments of high impact.

In terms of communication, use simple and clean designs and always incorporate a call to action.

Understand the pain points of the audience. Offer them a solution that solves their problems. Thus creating a mark in the mind space of your customer and help initiate a decision.


There is more!


We can’t let go of web analytics, which has all the dimensions. Through analytics, you get all the tracking information for analysis. So, the whole idea is to draw inferences and make data-driven decisions. 

With this, I learned that as a marketing professional there are some key areas of focus. They are building brand awareness, increasing brand salience, and driving consideration. One has to drive the marketing campaigns keeping in view several parameters. Also, make sure that every campaign is well analyzed and optimized to gain the key results.


Let’s sum up the digital marketing program!

This fast-track course was a boon with a daily dose of video recordings,‌ exciting ‌assignments,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other downloadable‌ ‌resources. Most importantly, it helped me understand marketing on digital platforms a little better. Also, it enabled me to acquire new skills and enhance my level of knowledge. All this to help me to be better in my areas of work. 


To sum it up, a big shout-out to Kool Kanya for their wonderful concept and this amazing opportunity!