A coworking space is a shared office facility opted by smart professionals, startups, and freelancers where they work in collaboration or independently.

Coworking spaces are often talked about for their creative and vibrant office set up; it’s a new trend that has gone viral.

It was back in 2005 when the first coworking space was set up, and now we have over 850 shared working space across major cities in India. A lot of coworking spaces have mushroomed and still are, at such a fast pace, that it is challenging to keep an actual count. 

Due to the advantages of being cost-effective in all aspects, coworking spaces attract not just the Millenials, but also large and medium-sized businesses.

Coworking spaces have a lot of USPs, starting with shared facilities like WiFi, standard printer, fax, copier, gaming zone, parking, CCTV, etc. Provision of cafeteria, kitchen, furnished office, meeting room is included as well. And all this is available at a very affordable price.

India is on the verge of becoming the third-largest startup hub and the second-largest freelancer workforce in the world, thereby creating a vast demand for coworking spaces in the country. 

In the present scenario, 46% of India’s workforce is millennials, looking out for tech-smart workspaces, where they can be a part of the large community of like-minded people and embrace new collaboration opportunities.

Across India, more than 13 million people are expected to work out of coworking spaces by 2020. 

Many big firms might end their long term leases to cut down their operating costs, and owners of these coworking spaces might sell them. Further, the working will be based on an ownership model rather than the lease-based structure.

So, if you have a coworking space, be a proud owner and promote it. What could be better than showcasing it on social media?

Social media turns out to be an effective way of promoting your coworking space; it is cost-effective, reliable, and easily manageable irrespective of the size of your business. 

Let us glance through a few social media strategies that a coworking space can utilize to create awareness and promote itself. 

Social Media Strategies for Coworking Spaces


  • Have an attractive profile 

Since the first impression always makes an impact, use high-quality, appealing images of your space. Have your location and contact information well displayed on your page, so that people can easily find you.

Facebook offers a lot of features, including a Find Us map, which has opening hours and contact details for easy reference. LinkedIn also lets out contact information, and with its functionality, makes it easy to capture prospect information. Similarly, Instagram allows you to add snippets of information to your bio, thus letting out information to your prospective clientele. Maintain consistency in your data across channels.


  • Get social

The best way to utilize social media is by being more social by creating communities. Coworking spaces generally attract people from different backgrounds with different ideas, with the space being the only thing connecting them. So, when you create a community or arrange social events, you encourage interaction among members, thus building up a coworking space to actively help its members.


  • Offer something extra

When you work as a community, you create a give and take relationship. You offer good service to your members, and they will be your promoters in return. 

Promote your members and their businesses. When you offer to advertise their business on your network as an extra benefit, it will add value to their offering. Further, it will benefit you as well in terms of increased brand awareness and reach, as you will generate more content relevant to new prospective members working in the same industry. 

You can even offer some perks like a few free hours in a month, rent or membership fee discount for referrals, free food, and drinks. These can be very encouraging to attract a new set of members to join your space.


  • Have your target audience in place

It is very important to define your audience, as this will streamline your work. Once you know who your target is, you can accordingly create content and have an extremely cost-effective advertising strategy for your coworking space.


  • Post relevant content

Relevant content offers value to your audience, content that is useful and interesting will urge the audience to follow you and engage on social media. Post things about your own business; business your members do, post images showcasing your services and amenities. Give your audience a reason to connect with you, and an engaged audience will eventually share your content and coworking space with its peers.


  • Be active and responsive 

Create and post content regularly. Be consistent with your posts, schedule a time, and follow it. When your audience knows when to expect your social media post, they will react to it in a better manner. Since social media is a marketing channel and point of contact for people, you will have to respond timely to things. Be responsive, do not delay in responding to queries or comments from your audience, and ensure effective communication.


  • Track your performance

After you have worked on the above tips, its time to analyze your performance on social media. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you with insightful data that will tell you all about your return. 

Ensure to have some tools in place to update you with your social media performance.


Here are some examples of the best coworking spaces in India


  • WeWork

WeWork started back in 2010 with a mission to build something more than beautiful shared office spaces, to create a community instead. 

Apart from the normal office provisions, WeWork offers something called:

  • Office hours, which has one to one sessions with investors and industry leaders, 
  • Wellness sessions for better balance, which include kickboxing, meditation, 

and a lot more, networking events that help expand your professional circle. Headquartered in NewYork, WeWork has its presence across the globe, with over 500 branches worldwide.


  • The Hive

It offers a blend of services, seminars, workshops, etc. and supports coworking for startups, entrepreneurs, and the creative community. They also have a performance venue to showcase the budding talent and a cafeteria to eat, drink, unwind, and work out. 

This place is friendly for pets and provides necessary provisions like an office printer, scanner, meeting rooms, internet connectivity, etc. A casual place for creative minds to work in collaboration.


  • Awfice

Awfice is an Indian company that offers coworking spaces to startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurial communities. 

They provide extra benefits like, ‘Just in time’ bookings for meeting rooms and work desks. They offer a flexible, hassle-free, and productive work environment. They work towards creating an ecosystem that facilitates community-based working, and it also provides a platform to interact regularly, network, and share ideas at several events and seminars that it organizes.


Key takeaway

Facts reveal that coworking spaces offer a lot of benefits like increase in creativity levels, improvement in the standard of work, better community bonding, and a lot more. This modern-day working trend has a huge market to cater to. As a coworking space, you are offering a valuable service, and with more added value on social media than your competitors, you will quickly fill up and always stay full.  

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