In our previous articles, we had covered why it’s not only useful but also critical for a business to have a social media page. The reasons, as you might have understood, are numerous. It is of almost absolute necessity in this day and age that your business have a social media presence, and what better place to start than the biggest social media platform there is – Facebook! In this post, we’re going to discuss the various methods for you to increase your business’ Facebook followers.

Why is Facebook popularity important?

The number of fans directly indicates how popular a Facebook page and in turn how much your customers like and even trust you. If a new potential customer comes to your profile and sees your page bustling with activity, it signifies a certain degree of establishment that the company knows what it’s doing and are doing it well. Consider the comparison of two company Facebook pages. One is popular and has a lot of ongoing activity and customer interaction to show, and the other, a page of a company offering a similar product but with drastically fewer online followers. Which would be your first choice to go to? Also, more followers translates to more website traffic. There’s no need to point out the benefits of that.

The most basic function of your business’ Facebook page is to grow just like you want your business to, but the biggest question is “how?”. How does one reach their first 10,000 followers and continue to grow after that? What are the formulae to achieve this? Will it apply to all kinds of businesses? What’s the secret? There is no simple shortcut to reach 10,000 Facebook followers (other than pointlessly buying fake profiles) but there are some tips and tricks that you can use to get yourself there. Let’s look at a few ways to increase your business’ Facebook followers:

1) Optimize and make your page user friendly:

When we talk about Facebook business page optimization we mean choosing a friendly page title (username), writing a catchy description (in the short description field), providing accurate information for long description, company overview, mission, all of which needs to be followed by posting interesting content. That’s the most important factor. No matter how pretty your page looks, you need to keep your followers satisfied by posting interesting content. Their shares of your posts will organically rope their friends in. Even when they “like” your posts, their friends can sometimes see it, and might like to be a part of the party too and become followers themselves.

2) Take advantage of your personal Facebook page:

The first thing you should do when you finish creating and optimizing your Facebook page is to invite all your Facebook friends to “like” it. This will set things in motion. Next, when you post through your business’ page and think that your personal Facebook contacts might like the post, do share it through your personal profile. Your friends’ likes and shares will add to the engagement factor of the company’s page and might also lead people to become followers, thereby you manage to increase your business’ Facebook followers.

3) Promote Your Facebook Page in your Business

If you have a storefront, make sure you have some signs that promote your Facebook page. Let your customers know why they should like you, such as to get special offers, to see new products, to learn about events, etc. You can also print cards with your Facebook address for customers to take home. This will help to generate excitement and awareness of your Facebook page, which can equate to more likes and followers.

4) Add the Facebook Like box on your website

Link your Facebook profile to your website. It is a way to ‘tell’ search engines that this is your official Facebook business page. It’s a good way to grow your fan base organically. Your readers can follow your website by clicking the LIKE button without having to go to Facebook. Most DIY website builders include the option to link your Facebook page, and Facebook also offers a number of easy-to-use plugins. This is an easy way to increase your business’ Facebook followers.

5) Target audiences and promote your page

Facebook ads are highly targeted. You can choose exactly which demographic to target to based on age, location, interests, online activities, etc, and you can place an ad where your page will be displayed to those targeted Facebook users. Facebook makes it easy to promote your page to potential customers in your area, for as little or as much spending as you like.

6) Suggest Your Page to Email Contacts

If you have a database of email IDs, you can directly send them all an invite to like your page through Facebook. This is a convenient way to increase your business’ Facebook followers. You can use an email marketing tool to send them all emails or you can upload your contact database through Facebook and do the needful by following a few simple instructions.

7) Increase Your Facebook Activity

An active presence on Facebook is a sign of a healthy business to searching customers. When you post frequently on Facebook, you give potential customers confidence and assurance that your business is alive and well, as well as the ability to connect and relate. Increase your Facebook activity and give your audience the opportunity to like, follow, and share.

In conclusion:

Keep posting. Post interesting content, good content and relevant content. Keep your page active at all times. Let your page have a life of its own. If the content is consistently good and fresh, your fanbase will rise. This is the real secret of how to increase your business’ Facebook followers.